Heterotopias of Head and Neck-A Study Conducted in a Tertiary Care Center for Head and Neck Diseases

International Journal of Research in Health Sciences,2016,4,3,65-72.
Published:July 2016
Type:Original Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Ramya Priyadarshini Arikeri1, Padmavathy Mudavath2, Kumudachalam Pindicura3, Vivekanand Namala4

1MD in pathology, Senior Resident, Department Of Pathology, Govt Ent Hospital, Hyderabad, INDIA. 

2MD in pathology, Associate professor of pathology, KMC medical college, Warangal. Assistant professor of pathology, OMC, Hyderabad, INDIA.

3MD in pathology, Professor of Pathology, Govt ENT Hospital, Hyderabad, INDIA.

4MD in pathology, Assistant Professor, of Pathology, Govt ENT hospital Hyderabad, INDIA.



Introduction: Heterotopias, which are also referred to as choristomas and ectopias, are characterized by the presence of normal-appearing tissue in an anatomical location in which they are normally not found. Clinicopathological aspects of Heterotopias of the Head and neck from our institute is presented in this study. Materials and Methods: This study is conducted in a tertiary care center for Head and neck diseases. The Heterotopic lesions occurring in head and neck reported between 2008 and 2016 were included in the study. 24 cases of Head and neck heterotopias were identified. Clinical findings, radiological, cytological and histopathological aspects were analysed. Results: Heterotopias constituted 0.17% of all head and neck lesions. A total of 24 cases of heterotopias were analysed. Thyroid heterotopias constituted majority, 13 cases (54.16%). There were 5 cases of Glial heterotopias (20.83%), 3 Salivary gland heterotopias (12.5%), 2 gastric heterotopias (8.33%) (one single tissue type and one mixed type) and single case of Chondroid heterotopia of the Tonsil(4.16%). The most common location of heterotopias was tongue, 14 cases (50%), and second being nasal cavity with 5cases (20.83%). Conclusion: This study presents a comprehensive knowledge of various heterotopias of Head and neck. Thyroid heterotopias are the commonest.USG and FNAC are most useful in preoperative diagnosis of Thyroid heterotopias. Thyroid heterotopias have diseases similar to orthotopic thyroid. Nasal glial heterotopias are the next commonest heterotopias. Salivary and gastrointestinal heterotopias, Chondroid heterotopias of Tonsil are very rare.

Heterotopias Of Head And Neck-A Study Conducted In A Tertiary Care Center For Head And Neck Diseases