Prospective Study to Evaluate Correlation between Umbilical Cord Blood pH at Birth and Perinatal Outcome in Relation to the Mode of Delivery

International Journal of Research in Health Sciences,2014,2,3,792-799.
Published:July 2014
Type:Original Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Shweta Goyel1, Gargi Sen2, Dipnarayan Sarkar3, Subhendu Choudhury4, Debasish Bhattacharjee5, Sudip Saha6

1- Junior resident, deptt of gynecology, IPGME&R. 2-Assist Professor deptt of biochemistry, BIN. 3-Assist Professor deptt of gynecology, IPGME&R. 4-Senior resident deptt of gynecology, IPGME&R. 5-Assist Professor deptt of biochemistry, Medical College Kol. 6-Professor deptt of gynecology, IPGME&R


Background Umbilical cord acid - base analysis is the most objective assessment of the acid - base status at birth. Method: Total 159 antenatal mother with singleton pregnancy of 34 to42 completed gestational weeks were taken for this study. Cord blood was collected just after delivery and analysed within 30 minutes by ABG machine in NICU. Results: Mean gestational period was lowest in emergency LSCS (37.34 ±1.57) followed by elective LSCS, normal delivery and highest in instrumental delivery (39.30±1.71). Mean labour duration was lowest in emergency LSCS (9.90±4.53), followed by normal vaginal delivery, and highest in instrumental delivery (14.23±24). Mean cord blood pH was lower in instrumental vaginal deliver y (6.99±38) followed by normal delivery, emergency LSCS and highest pH value in elective LSCS (7.3±33). Lowest mean Apgar score was obtained in instrumental vaginal delivery (5.70±1.149), followed by normal vaginal delivery, emergency LSCS and finally with highest mean Apgar score in elective LSCS (7.6±1.095). Conclusions: Association between umbilical cord blood pH level and others variable help in assessing perinatal outcome like Apgar score, low birth weight, NICU admission; labour duration was found to be statistically significance in relation to the mode of delivery

Showing mode of delivery, mean ± standard deviation and p- Value of APGAR score depending on cord blood ph in 4 categories:-