Management of Penile Fracture - An Institutional Experience

International Journal of Research in Health Sciences,2014,2,3,860-863.
Author(s) affiliations:

J. Sasi Kumar*, Gurunath Rao K, Satyam Sharma, Subith Kumar K

Department of Urology, Mamata Medical College/General Hospital, Khammam, Telangana state, INDIA.


Being a urological emergency and probably under reported, an analysis of 15 penile fracture cases that underwent surgical repair in our center was attempted to share the experience. The interval from injury to presentation was between 2 to 46 hours. Strained sexual intercourse followed by masturbation was the most common cause of penile fracture. Unilateral corporeal rupture predominantly on right side was seen frequently and concomitant urethral injury was a rare finding. Follow up patients were contacted through phone or mail and reevaluated by local examination, questionnaire and Color Doppler Sonography where ever necessary. Nearly 75% of patients were followed up for more than one year without any complaints. Palpable scarring, ED and penile deviation were few less frequently seen problems. Scar formation was high when non absorbable sutures are used.

Management of Penile Fracture - An Institutional Experience