The Birth of a New Journal

International Journal of Research in Health Sciences,2013,1,1,1.
Published:July 2013
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Editor in chief

International Journal of Research in Health Sciences


On behalf of all members of the editorial board, we heart fully welcome you to our new journal, International Journal of Research in Health Services. In this era of extraordinary and immense ascent of knowledge and publishing, we take an opportunity to unleash this journal to nullify the anomalies related to the research productivity from our sub-continent. Our pioneering efforts to instigate this journal have taken birth from a prolonged infelicitous experience with the existing medical journals being published in India. Most of the authors publishing from India are aware of the problems like editorial bias, delays in the review and publication timeframes. Every month about 20,000 biomedical journals are published either in print or online forms all over the world. Read more...