Type A behaviour with ERCTA-a scale in road traffic accidents

Author : P.V. Srinivasa Kumar, K. Srinivasan, Bhaskar V

Road traffic accidents (RTA) are projected to be the second largest cause of mortality by 2020.Globally 1.2 million deaths occur per year due to RTA and numerous other grievousand minor injuries cause disability and workdays lost. Accidents are a complex phenomenon with multiple causative factors and the present study was conducted to evaluate personal characteristics such as personality type and habits such as consumption of alcohol influencing accidents. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among drivers of vehicles involved in road traffic accidents attending District hospital, Karimnagar over a period of one month. A semi-structured questionnaire was administered by face to face interview and the personality was evaluated using an eight item standardized instrument Escala Retiro de Patrón de ConductaTipo A (ERCTA-a). Statistical measures obtained included percentages, proportions, means and standard deviation and tests of significance. Results: A total of 61 patients consented and participated in the study. Mean age of the respondents was 30.15 Ī 7.52 years. All respondents were males. As per the ERCTA-a scale, 19.7% of the respondents had type A personality. Discussion: The first component is highly correlated with ERCTA 6. The second component is highly correlated with ERCTA 2. The third component is highly correlated with ERCTA 1.

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