Study of outcome of neurosurgical procedures in pregnancy

Author : Murali GV, Vijayasree M, Durga Suresh B, Anand Goud K, Adishankar Rao P

The incidence of deaths resulting from non obstetric causes has increased in the recent past. Chief among them are the neurologic disorders. Those most common during pregnancy are low back pain, intracranial tumors, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and neuro-trauma. The management of the neurosurgical pathologies during pregnancy needs some specifications for both the mother and the fetus. The aim of present work was to study the maternal and fetal outcome while managing neuro problems encountered during pregnancy. The present study was a retrospective study evaluating the clinical, radiological, and surgical characteristics of 10 patients who have cranial neuro pathologies and have undergone neuro surgical intervention. Observations from this study showed that, most of the patients in this study had vaginal delivery. Prominent neurosurgical disease related to cerebral damage. Every patient underwent a laboratory and radiological evaluation. All except one survived the neurosurgical pathology. Neither baby nor mother had significant problem during delivery and neurosurgical intervention. To conclude, pregnant women may face to every kind of neurosurgical pathology that non pregnant women have faced. In addition, pregnancy itself, gives rise to some metabolic changes in the women and those changes may cause some neurologic pathologies to be symptomatic or to aggravate the present symptomatology. Because of those reasons, close neurologic follow up of a pregnant woman is of vital importance. At the end of a pregnancy having experienced some neurologic interventions including diagnostic evaluation or surgical intervention does not necessitates the cesarean section for a neurologically intact infant and mother.

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