Stafne cyst in an 80 year old male: A case report

Author : Richa Wadhawan, Padma Rajan, Subhashish Sharma, Sushma Mishra, Nitin Goel

The Stafne defect is thought to be a normal anatomical variant, as the depression is created by ectopic salivary gland tissue associated with the submandibular gland and does not represent a pathologic lesion as such. It is a classed as a pseudo cyst, since there is no epithelial lining or fluid content. This defect is usually considered with other cysts of the jaws, since it can be mistaken for such on a radiograph. It is usually asymptomatic. Medical imaging such as traditional radiography or computed tomography is required to demonstrate the defect. Usually the defect is unilateral, but occasionally can be bilateral. We report a case of Stafne cyst in an 80 year old male.

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