Comparative study of effect of lipid profile in smokers and nonsmokers of age group of 40-50 years

Author : Trupti RR, Ramakrishna M R, Desai R D, Taklikar R, Sreekantha

Background: Cigarette smoking is generally considered as associated with increased risk of a variety of medical disorders. Aims and objectives: The study was aimed to estimate the lipid profile in smokers and non smokers and to establish a relation between cigarette smoking and lipid profile. Material and Methods: Lipid profile was estimated in a total of hundred cases of smokers aged between 40-50 years who smoked for more than 5 years of duration and hundred individuals who are non smokers. Results: The mean S.D. of serum total cholesterol was 231.1125.95 mg/dL, the mean S.D. of serum Triglyceride is 215.3952.01mg/dL, the mean S.D. of serum LDL-cholesterol was 143.4126.28mg/dL, the meanS.D. of serum VLDL-cholesterol were higher in smokers as compared to the values in non smokers. The mean S.D. of serum of HDL-cholesterol levels in smokers was 36.714.36mg/dL which was lower compared to levels in control group. The TC/HDL and LDL/HDL ratios were significantly higher in smokers as compared to that of controls. Conclusion: To conclude smoking causes alteration in lipid profile. This study clearly shows a strong relationship between elevation of serum lipids and cigarette smoking.

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