Airway management during Montgomery T– tube insertion– A case report

Author : S. Premalatha, R. Rangarajanx, K. Radhika

The Montgomery tracheal tube (T tube) devised by Dr.William Montgomery in 1964 is used both as a tracheal stent and as an airway after laryngotracheoplasty. A tracheostomy opening is a prerequisite for insertion of the T tube. This device can present various challenges to the anaesthetists during it’s placement including the potential for acute loss of the airway, inadequate administration of inhalational agents and inadequacy of controlled ventilation. In the present case, successful airway management was done using the extratracheal limb of the T tube for ventilating the lungs while the upper end was sealed by using a Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA) whose end was blocked by an adaptor cap of the urobag.

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