A Study on Evaluation of Safety and Feasibility of Laparoscopic Appendectomy in Acute Appendicitis with or without Complications

International Journal of Research in Health Sciences,2017,5,1,23-28.
Published:May 2017
Type:Original Article
Author(s) affiliations:

G. V. Ramana, B. Visweswar Rao, Ch. Umamahesh Rao

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Great Eastern Medical School and Hospital Ragolu, Srikakulam, INDIA.


Laparoscopic appendectomy has the benefit of providing improved access and high-quality visualization of the peritoneal cavity during small incisions, as compared to open appendectomy. we evaluated the safety, conclusion and viability of laparoscopic appendicectomy in patients presenting amid or exclusive of complications. Sensible Appendicular lump was mainly seen in male patients presenting after 48 hours of acute onset of abdominal pain with allied record of leukocytosis and fever. Laparoscopic appendectomy might potentially have more outstanding clinical advantages over conventional surgery, when compared with the impact of LA on uncomplicated appendicitis.

Comparison of laparoscopic conversion rate.