Ayurveda Me Mansik Rog Ki Avdharna Evam Samadhan

International Journal of Research in Health Sciences,2017,5,1,18-22.
Published:May 2017
Type:Review Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Bhavna Singh

Professor, Dravyaguna Dept., Himalayiya Ayurvedic Medical College, Jeevanwala, Dehradun, India


Ayurveda systems of medicine are over 5000 years old. Ayurveda, so called an eternal science, the science of life deals with spiritual, psychological and physical well being of the individual. It covers all the spheres of human life. Manas roga or mental diseases are associated with emotion trauma, negative attitude, stress, sexual-abuse, personal losses or drug-induced. According to Ayurvedic philosophy, Manas roga are born out of disturbance in Satva. Satva is largely responsible for inherent quality of the mind. Satva, if overshadowed by Rajas or Tamas, losses its predominance and manifestations are evident from depression, anxiety-neurosis, stress, sham-rage, schizophrenia and above all, melancholia. In era of rat-race and cut-throat competition, we and society are under the influence of Rajas. Thus world today has lot more psychological problem and every human being who is running for survival is facing some kind of mental or psychological disturbances. In spite of great advancement in the science of psychiatry for decades the problems with the management of a certain mental problems like anxiety, stress, mental retardation etc. have remained unsolved. In addition to this, adverse effects of anti-psychotic, anxiolytic medications are creating considerable amount of discomfort to the patient. At this juncture, the better solution for these problems is possible through Ayurveda. As regard, Manas chikitsa Ayurveda recommends preventive medicine. Correct behaviour, balanced–diet, and non-suppression of natural urges, following daily and seasonal health regimens are integral part of the Manas chikitsa. Ayurveda advocates use of nervine-tonics like Brahami, Ashwagandha, Guduchi, Yastimadhu and Vacha for preventing onset of Manas roga.

Ayurveda me mansik rog ki avdharna evam samadhan